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GSoC 2019 - Week 5 - Hand-made tests for Collector

This week was mostly about testing the collection of a word and fixing small bugs in the implementation pointed out by Kalevi. The major challenge was to construct the polycyclic presentation of a group to test the Collector since we don’t have the implementation of polycyclic presentation and it’s generating sequence yet. So, we decided to form some hand made tests and we started with SymmetricGroup(4) and further we also tried with S(3) the details can be found in the test file of the PR(here).

Now, the next step is to implement polycyclic presentation and polycyclic sequence. In the presentation we’ll need generators which we can easily get and the relators. There are two types of relators needed for the presentation:

  • Power relations (ex. x^re = x')
  • Conjugate relations (ex. x[i]**-1*x[i+1]*x[i] = RHS and x[i]*x[i+1]*x[i]**-1 = RHS)

For every pair of generators we’ll form above conjugate relations but the tough part is computing that RHS which should be collected and for now we don’t have that much idea about how to get that RHS.

But, let’s hope that in upcoming days we’ll be able to figure it out, till then Good byeee…

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