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GSoC 2019 - Week 9 - Merged Polycyclic groups

Hello everyone, the ninth week of coding period has ended and there is a really good news the polycyclic group PR sympy/sympy#16991 that we were working from the last one and half months is finally merged. This week I didn’t do that much work except organizing different methods and fixing small issues in the above pr to get it merged.

There has been a lot of rearrangement of methods, where most of the methods were moved to the class Collector from the class PolycyclicGroup. Now, we do not need free symbols in-hand, they can be computed by the Collector if not provided by the user. There are few more things which are changed like relative order is computed in the course of polycyclic sequence and series computation. For better look one can go through the above Pr.

I’m hopping to implement few things next week which are mentioned below.

  • Induced polycyclic sequence for a subgroup.
  • Get started with writing docs for polycyclic groups.

Till then, good byee..

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