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GSoC 2019 - Week 11 and 12 - Phase-III Completion

We’ve reached to the end of GSoC 2019, end to the really productive and wonderful summer. In the last two weeks I worked on documenting polycyclic groups which got merged as well, here is the PR sympy/sympy#17399.

Also, the PR on Induced-pcgs and exponent vector for polycyclic subgroups got merged sympy/sympy#17317.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of documentation.

  • The parameters of both the classes(PolycyclicGroup and Collector) has been discussed in detail.
  • Conditions for a word to be collected or uncollected is highlighted.
  • Computation of polycyclic presentation has been explained in detail highlighting the sequence in which presentation is computed with the corresponding pcgs and and polycyclic series elements used.
  • Other methods like subword_index, exponent_vector, depth, etc are also documented.

An example is provided for every functionality. For more details one can visit: https://docs.sympy.org/dev/modules/combinatorics/pc_groups.html

Now, I’m supposed to prepare a final report presenting all the work done. Will update with report next week. In addition to the report preparation I’ll try to add Parameters section in the docstrings for various classes and methods of pc_groups.

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