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GSoC 2019 - Week 3 - Polycyclic Groups

The third week has ended and a good amount of work has been done on polycyclic groups PR here. The collection algorithm has been implemented, from the beginning of the week, I started with understanding the algorithm which took some time and then finally it was implemented, still we are facing a problem in type conversion(here) but that will be sorted out soon!

Even though only two weeks were alloted for polycyclic group implementation but it seems we need one more week or maybe more than a week to implement more functionalities for pc groups. But it’s completely fine because we started work early and according to the proposed timeline we still have one week.

Few of the issues with the current implementation which needs to be sorted out are:

  • firstly to compute uncollected subwords the word is manipulated using its array_form which eventually leads to change in the type of the subwords computed and it creates a problem in processing these subwords further.
  • Some more issues were pointed out by Kalevi and can be seen in the comments of the PR.

The complete week was spent implementing collection of words so a lot of tasks targeted last week were not completed, I’ll try to cover those tasks in the upcomming week.

  • Solve the issues with collection of words.
  • Get ready with the pc presentation.

Till then, Good byee..!

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