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GSoC 2019 - Week 1 - Composition series computation

The coding period has been started from 27 may 2019 and the first week went well. We worked on the composition series computation for solvable groups. I was waiting for the PR to get merged so, that I can include a fully completed PR here 🙂. Kalevi helped a lot in reviewing and helping me with the algorithm. The PR link is here.

Till now, everything is going as it was planned. The abelian invariants PR has been already merged in the community bonding period itself, may be some other time I’ll discuss about the details of it but for the time being one can look into the PR of abelian invariants here.

Composition series of a group G is defined as the subnormal series G = H_0 > H_1 > H_2 \ldots > H_k = 1 where every factor group H(i+1)/H(i) is simple. The algorithm is described in the implementation itself. We wanted to make sure, the implemeted method work as expected so, I wrote a good amount of tests and examples in the docs.

The tasks that I’m hopping to accomplish in the next week are:

  • Discuss with Kalevi about the Polycyclic group implementation.
  • In the end of the week get ready with WIP PR on pc groups.

Hopping I’ll be able to execute things as planned! Till then good bye, keep learning.

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